Te Divina Cleanse & Detox Tea (Our #1 Best-Seller!)

Te Divina Original Cleanse & Detox Tea is our #1 best seller, and for good reason! This gentle, but powerful cleansing tea can add to your liver and colon cleanse regime and bump it up to the next level. Te Divina Cleanse & Detox Tea is:

Made with 100% all-natural organic ingredients

Packed full of incredible anti-oxidants such as ganoderma (reishi) and chaga mushrooms





Pleasant tasting, too!

USDA approved and made in FDA certified premises

 Developed by Dr Esther Ramos, Te Divina Cleanse & Detox Tea was created exclusively for Vida Divina®

People are Raving about Te Divina as a Great Cleansing Tea!

Thousands of people are raving about Te Divina Cleanse & Detox Tea and we have experienced our own incredible success with this amazing product. (You can see some pictures of ‘Before and After’ here.) This amber coloured enriched tea is full of fantastic, 100% organic ingredients to help cleanse your mind and body..
For less than a cup of coffee shop coffee a day, Te Divina Cleanse & Detox Tea is our #1 best-selling product because it is truly the ultimate, gentle cleanse for body and mind..